purefil PEEK CF10 1kg 1.75mm

Item number 102386
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The use of high-quality raw materials creates a 3D printer filament that is particularly easy to process. Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, very low manufacturing tolerances are achieved, which leads to convincing printing results with all FDM 3D printers. Each coil is sealed in a high-quality bag.

- Made in Switzerland

- small diameter and roundness tolerances

- easy to print

PEEK CF10 is a high temperature, high strength, thermoplastic with a melting point of 350°C. PEEK filament is very chemical resistant. Only highly concentrated sulfuric acid can damage PEEK. PEEK is mainly used in the automotive industry, aerospace, high-voltage technology and medical technology. Although PEEK CF10 filament is 70% lighter than metals with similar properties, it can exhibit much of the same thermal and mechanical stability. In other words, the power-to-weight ratio is a lot better than with metal. The carbon reinforcement fibers create an ultimate high-strength material which has proven itself for various heavy-duty applications. In relation to degenerative manufacturing processes such as milling, no material is wasted with FDM printing, which has a direct positive effect on the cost-effectiveness of the components. The problem with printing PEEK filament lies in the high temperatures that have to be applied to melt the material. To print PEEK CF10, 380°C to 450°C are required.


- High level of mechanical properties combined with very good temperature resistance up to 250°C (it only melts at 343°C)

- High abrasion resistance

- Water and steam resistance

- The chemical resistance of PEEK is very good, it can only be dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid

- PEEK is often used instead of metallic materials

- Low UV resistance - brittle from exposure to sunlight

- difficult to glue, print and paint

- good electrical insulator

- slightly electrostatically charged

Material: PEEK CF10

Diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.05mm

Weight: 1kg

Nozzle temperature: 380-450 ° C

Printing table temperature: 160-200 ° C

technical datasheet DE 127/Materialdatenblatt PEEK CF10 purefil.pdf

technical datasheet EN

technical datasheet FR

technical datasheet IT