Let us produce your own brand

Practically all purefil filaments as well as our pureresine can also be produced without a brand (neutral labels/packaging) or with your own brand.

Do you have special color or material requests? That is also no problem. We can process your desired color or special material into a high-quality filament from a very small quantity.

We can deliver your filament on the innovative refillable master spool. We can color these according to your color requirements or make them completely neutral as a semi-transparent coil. There is also the possibility to integrate your own logo directly into the spool. So your product is not only superior to the competition from an ecological point of view, you also have an optimal recognition value. Even two-tone coils can be implemented quickly and inexpensively in our in-house coil production.

However, if you prefer to use your own spool or a spool available on the market, this is also possible without any problems. Cardboard spools can also be easily filled with our high-quality filaments in our production.

On request, we will be happy to have your individually printed outer packaging made according to your creative ideas.

Contact us today and we will immediately provide you with a non-binding offer!