purefil LW-PLA enzianblau 1kg 1.75mm

Item number 102554
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The use of high-quality raw materials creates a 3D printer filament that is particularly easy to process. Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, very low manufacturing tolerances are achieved, which leads to convincing printing results with all FDM 3D printers. Each coil is sealed in a high-quality bag.

- Made in Switzerland

- small diameter and roundness tolerances

- easy to print

Lightweight polyactide is a polymer that expands during 3D printing. With active foaming technology, parts with a weight reduction of up to 70% can be achieved. From a temperature of approx. 200°C the material begins to foam. With increasing temperature, the expansion effect is increased. The maximum expansion is reached at a printing temperature of approx. 250-260°C. With optimal settings, the flow factor can be reduced to a value of 0.3, which leads to extremely light PLA components. Utilize foaming technology to produce low density parts, print parts with a single layer that is up to 1.2mm wide (with a 0.4mm nozzle) and reduce print time by a factor of 3 or you increase the layer height and can also reduce the printing time.

A heated bed is advantageous for LW-PLA filament, but not essential.


- Ideal material for model airplanes

- Weight reduction by up to 70%
- Expansion by a factor of 3
- Printing directly on glass plate possible

- With a spool of LW-PLA you can print up to 3x more parts than with a spool of standard PLA due to the reduced flow factor

- Can become soft again from 60 degrees

- Optimal print settings must be tested individually for each printer model

- Thread formation during empty runs can practically not be prevented - Color becomes paler after expansion

PLA filament or polylactide is in principle biodegradable, whereby certain environmental conditions are necessary, which can usually only be found in industrial composting plants. PLA does not normally decompose in nature. We therefore do not recommend composting PLA filament or printed parts made of PLA.

Material: LW-PLA

Diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.05mm

Weight: 1kg

Nozzle temperature: 190-250 ° C

Printing table temperature: 50-70 ° C

technical datasheet DE 81/Materialdatenblatt LW-PLA purefil.pdf

technical datasheet EN 82/material data sheet LW-PLA purefil.pdf

technical datasheet FR

technical datasheet IT

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