purefil BioTEC transparent 1kg 1.75mm

Item number 100681
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The use of high-quality raw materials creates a 3D printer filament that is particularly easy to process. Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, very low manufacturing tolerances are achieved, which leads to convincing printing results with all FDM 3D printers. Each coil is sealed in a high-quality bag.

- Made in Switzerland

- small diameter and roundness tolerances

- easy to print

The bioTEC material was specially developed for high-performance applications.
After a heat treatment at 80°/2h, the material has a
Heat resistance up to 110°C. In addition, this process increases the hardness of the
materials increased. Despite the positive thermal and mechanical properties, this is
Material very easy to print. A heating plate is not absolutely necessary and the
Odor emissions are very low.
BioTEC is made from 100% renewable raw materials such as sugar beet and sugar cane
manufactured. The material is therefore a 100 percent biofilament according to ISO EN 16785-1
under the certificate number DIC-00001. BioTEC polymers comply with EN-13432-
Default. The raw material of bioTEC Filament was obtained from Vinçotte (OK Compost S478) and
from European Bioplastics 7W2030 for compostability up to a thickness of 1.0 mm
certified. This filament meets the compositional requirements of the
European regulation no. 10/2011 on plastic materials for food contact.


- Doesn't fade

- high heat resistance up to 110°C

- low shrinkage/warping

- 100% from renewable raw materials

- Low water absorption

- High UV resistance

- Low flammability

Material: BioTEC

Diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.05mm

Weight: 1kg

Nozzle temperature: 190-230 ° C

Printing table temperature: 50-65 ° C

technical datasheet DE 25/Materialdatenblatt bioTEC purefil.pdf

technical datasheet EN 24/material data sheet bioTEC purefil.pdf

technical datasheet FR

technical datasheet IT

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