purefil TPC 52D flexible hellgrün 1kg 1.75mm

Item number 100654
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The use of high-quality raw materials creates a 3D printer filament that is particularly easy to process. Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, very low manufacturing tolerances are achieved, which leads to convincing printing results with all FDM 3D printers. Each coil is sealed in a high-quality bag.

- Made in Switzerland

- small diameter and roundness tolerances

- easy to print

TPC is a copolyester based thermoplastic elastomer.
The TPC is used in dynamic applications where longer, constant flexibility is required, such as applications where material is continually being flexed. TPC also has high strength, making it resistant to damage.
TPC is ideal for dual-extrusion printing, e.g. in combination with PETG to print sealing parts and other areas that require high elasticity.
The lower the infill percentage selected, the more elastic the printed component remains. The same applies to the wall thickness. The thinner the more elastic. In this way, components with partially more elastic/reinforced areas can also be printed.
In order to process TPC successfully, a heatable printing plate is essential.


- Shore hardness of 52D

- Exceptional resistance to flex fatigue

- Resistance to high peak temperatures

- High impact resistance

- High wear and abrasion resistance

- Good resistance to chemicals and weathering

- High load capacity

- Exceptionally good adhesion in multi-material 3D printing

- Very high strength over a wide temperature range

- Very good dynamic properties, e.g. creep and fatigue

- Very good resistance to chemicals, oils and fats

- Good electrical insulation effect

- Low moisture absorption

Material: TPC

Diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.05mm

Weight: 1kg

Nozzle temperature: 200-240° C

Printing table temperature: 100-120 ° C

technical datasheet DE 232/Materialdatenblatt TPC purefil.pdf

technical datasheet EN

technical datasheet FR

technical datasheet IT

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